Illuminart is a new circuit fusing art, lighting and technology, unfolding through downtown Montreal. Aimed at an inquisitive audience eager to discover and explore, Illuminart assembles projects by artists, creators, engineers, set designers, graphic designers and videographers from home and abroad. Our illuminated urban space springs to life, becoming a must-see destination for creativity, inspiration and shared experience thanks to works that are at once surprising, impressive and entertaining.

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As part of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE and Illuminart, we invite you to submit your project, work, interactive, illuminated or technological installation, or your design concept.

Points of consideration:

  • The submitted project must be suitable for outdoor installation and take into consideration Montreal winter weather conditions.
  • Simplicity: playful, simple and brief
  • Innovative without being meaningless
  • Arouses emotion, touching
  • Interactive, participative and engaging
  • Luminous, warm welcoming

Contact us

400 De Maisonneuve Blvd West, 8th floor
Montréal (Québec)
H3A 1L4

Telephone: 514 288-9955 // Fax: 514 525-8033

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